Custom, Trusted Dentistry

Teeth Cleaning

Welcome to a judgement-free zone!  It doesn’t matter how long it has been since your last cleaning.  It’s now time for a fresh restart.  Our gentle hygienists will get rid of bacterial build up allowing you to enjoy a fresh, clean, and presentable mouth.

Urgent Care

You have a busy life.  We’ll get you back on track quickly.  Dental problems never just go away.  They need to be addressed!  Before you slip further away from health make an appointment to get it taken care of.

General Care

From annual check-ups and preventative care to fillings and root canals, our friendly dentists and staff will take care of all of your dental needs for you, your spouse, children, and family.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Life circumstances can lead to a serious need for correction.  Restoring the function and aesthetics of teeth can be life-changing.  The process doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  We’ve helped many who felt like a broken person reclaim their true potential.

Accepting New Patients. Call  (972) 355-8500

3 Simple Steps:

Schedule Appointment

Our knowledgeable staff will find you a convenient time for you to come in and visit us. Call us at 972-355-8500

Receive An Exam & Plan

After hearing about your priorities we will gather some additional information.  Together a plan will be developed based on your needs and priorities.

See the Difference

We almost always start treatment the same day as the exam.  This may include teeth cleaning or dental repair.  Maybe both!  Again, your priorities give direction on where to start.

Our Experience + Your Priorities = Trusted Care

With over 17,000 active patients and 400+  reviews here’s a few of our patients in their own words:

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