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Teeth Cleanings

Cross Timbers Dental has been offering general dental services to those in and around Flower Mound, Texas since 1999. We have three general dentists who perform restorative and cosmetic dentistry on patients of all ages. Additionally, we enlist the services of a dentist who specifically removes wisdom teeth and extractions. We have an excellent team of kind and gentle hygienists for your routine dental cleanings and non-surgical periodontal services.


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Routine Dental Cleanings

Routine dental cleanings are performed by one of our highly qualified dental hygienists. Our hygienists are thorough, yet gentle, making sure you have the most comfortable cleaning experience possible. Typically, teeth cleanings are scheduled every 6 months, or more frequently if necessary.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Did you know we can now clean your teeth faster and better than before? Our Pro-Select Ultrasonic Scaler uses ultrasonic vibrations to remove plaque, tartar, stains and bacteria from your teeth, even in areas below the gum line which are beyond the reach of ordinary hand instruments or “picks.” The ultrasonic vibrations are strong enough to remove hard calculus and stains, but are gentle enough not to harm your gums or teeth. When the tip of the ultrasonic scaler is placed near hard calculus, it easily breaks down and removes the build-up reducing the need to scrape.

If you also suffer from gum disease, the Ultrasonic Cleaning is the first step in the prevention, treatment and control of periodontal disease. While reaching below the gum line to remove bacteria, it also flushes the area with a medicated wash. The Ultrasonic Cleaning will improve the overall health and appearance of your gums, and leave your teeth feeling cleaner than ever.


One of the parts of a tooth most susceptible to decay is the area with deep grooves and pits. They are found on the biting surfaces of back teeth. It is in these crevices that bacteria and sugar collect and create decay. This can be prevented by cleaning out these grooves and filling them in with a resin sealant. The sealant acts as a protective coating that blocks out decay-causing bacteria making the teeth easier to clean.

Fluoride Treatment

In-office fluoride treatments offer extra protection against tooth decay for the patient. Fluoride is a mineral that can eradicate the beginning of tooth decay in the microscopic stages. We have foam treatments in a variety of appealing flavors that are applied in a mouth tray for a short amount of time, or we offer concentrated fluoride rinses for adults.

Digital X-Rays

The Benefits of Digital X-Rays:

We use only digital x-rays which produce better results with much lower exposure. We offer two digital systems: intraoral and panographs. These advanced forms of radiography have 50-90% less radiation than conventional film-based x-rays. The images appear instantaneously on the computer monitor allowing us to immediately review the images and discuss findings with you.

Are X-Rays Really Necessary?

X-rays are necessary to detect decay between teeth and areas not visible to the naked eye. Since gum and bone problems happen slowly over time, they are often not felt or detected from the surface. X-rays are also necessary for detecting bone loss and infections at root surfaces.

If you are looking for a general dentist in Flower Mound, give us a call today to schedule an appointment for you and your whole family. We look forward to serving you!

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